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Colorado Ag Endorsement

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Michael Bloomberg - Ridiculous!


My Friends,

Do you remember this headline from last August?

New York Mayor Swoops In Again! “Michael Bloomberg donates $350,000 to fight Colorado recall efforts” by Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post.

He is now gloating that the anti-Second Amendment laws are on the books even at the expense of two sitting State Senators. But the funny part was that even though he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight the recalls, they didn’t actually matter because there probably aren’t any roads in those parts of Colorado (Pueblo and Colorado Springs) anyway.

These comments were ridiculous!  We need your help to combat the lack of common sense that has infiltrated this great State.

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It Just Makes Sense

Recently Pueblo and Pueblo West came to prominence when we became ground zero for a movement that has had national repercussions.  When voters said, "Enough is enough!" and voted to recall Democrat State Senator Angela Giron, we were thrust into the national spotlight and, make no mistake, the upcoming election is going to highlight Pueblo and Pueblo West once again.

On March 15th Democrat Representative Leroy Garcia spoke at a Democratic fundraiser but could not say the word “RECALL” when talking about that monumental, that historic election and instead he called it "A BUMP IN THE ROAD."

Representative Garcia might not have wanted to use the “R” word in his comments, but at a recent Lincoln Day Dinner event Senator Rivera was not afraid to do so when asking if Representative Garcia could RECALL his "Yes" votes on the following:

Numerous anti-oil and anti-gas bills, bills that will hurt an industry that brings over 100 thousand high paying jobs to Colorado.

SB13-252 that will result in higher energy costs for folks who are already having trouble making ends meet.

HB13-1081 that requires teaching sex education to our children as young as kindergarten age.

HB13-1229 that created stricter background checks with associated fees (How many ways can you say taxes?) a bill that Senator Rivera tried to get repealed during the last session.

SB13-251 to allow illegal immigrants to obtain Colorado Driver’s licenses and identification cards?  (After living here illegally for years, Senator Rivera’s grandmother, mother, brother and sister all returned to Mexico in the 60’s to obtain visas to return to the United States and become naturalized citizens the right way, LEGALLY.)

Before and during the last legislative session Representative Garcia and Senator Rivera had conversations in which they agreed to put politics aside and do what was best for Pueblo.

But Representative Garcia told Democrats at that March fundraiser that Pueblo is a Democrat town and Democrats need to take it back.  Back to what?  More of Colorado’s highest unemployment rates, more of Colorado’s highest poverty rates, more of our severely underperforming school system?

Pueblo and Pueblo West, in the RECALL election you voted for change.  Your Senator is asking for your support once again.   Re-Elect Senator George Rivera to Colorado State Senate District 3.

It just makes sense!

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